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Founder & Executive Producer

Wisconsin native Cassandra Michler moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue her dreams in the fields of fashion and event production. A 2010 graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Cassandra brings with her six dedicated years of both domestic and international event production experience.

Mentored and recognized by leading industry professionals, Cassandra holds unparalleled knowledge related to concept design, production scheduling, custom fabrication & installation, AV & lighting, talent & crew management, graphic production and logistics coordination.

Cassandra’s positive and calm demeanor is the key to successfully directing projects. Her experience includes trade-show exhibits, live broadcasted events, corporate events, V.I.P. lounges, corporate training tours, award-season parties and personalized celebrations, including productions at E3, CES, Gamescom, MTV Spring Break and The Golden Globes.

Founder & Executive Producer

Peter Costello

Operations Manager

Peter Costello brings an eclectic set of knowledge and skills to the MoonLab team. Born and raised on his family’s dairy farm in Wisconsin, Peter moved to Los Angeles and worked as the Operations Coordinator for an event production and furniture company. Peter’s experience in component fabrication, logistics, procurement and production coordination coupled with his solutions-driven attitude will ensure a streamlined experience from concept to execution.

With a keen eye for detail and your best interest in mind, Peter works closely with clients and vendors through the production process to ensure the ultimate vision becomes reality.

Operations Manager

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